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Welcome to Honeyfund's Help Center! Below you'll find our most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Signing Up & Publishing a Registry

Receiving Gifts & Payments

Giving a Gift

Signing Up & Publishing a Registry

How much does it cost? It's free!

Honeyfund is totally free! There are no transaction fees for couples or gift givers and no setup fees. This is possible because gift givers are directed to send the money to YOU, by cash or check. We don't handle any gift money here at Honeyfund.

In addition to the free service:

1. We offer upgrade packages including your choice of design templates, photo slideshows, photos next to your registry items, and more. Packages start at just $19.99.

2. Accept online payments from your gift givers via your own business PayPal account. Most US transactions via PayPal qualify for Honeyfund's special rate of 2.8% + $0.30. Credit card payments are available with both free and upgraded Honeyfund accounts. Fees are paid by the couple, never the guest.

How does Honeyfund work?

With Honeyfund, you make your own travel arrangements and then receive monetary gifts from your guests to help you pay for the costs of travel.

For more about how Honeyfund works, see our Tour.

How do I know that Honeyfund is safe for me and my guests?

Rest assured all personal info and gift money is safe and secure. Your money travels directly from gift givers to you, either offline or via your own PayPal (or WePay) account, so we don't handle money here at Honeyfund. Honeyfund's secure servers keep your private info safe, and personal info is never sold, rented or shared.

Honeyfund has also been awarded an A+ grade by Better Business Bureau's Online Reliability program.

What countries does Honeyfund support?

Honeyfund is available to residents of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K., the U.S. and most of Europe. If you live outside these countries and would like to use Honeyfund, please contact us.

Can I see Honeyfund's purchase process (what my guests will see)?

Yes! Please create a free account and then you can try the Give a Gift process from your Guest View page. You can walk through step-by-step what your guests will experience when they purchase a Honeyfund gift.

I created a Honeyfund account and set up my registry, why doesn't it show up in the search results?

We designed Honeyfund to protect your registry until you are ready for guests to find it. When your registry is ready, you must publish it, which then makes it available via the Give a Gift search. Click the Publish your Honeyfund link follow the instructions.

How do I "unpublish" my registry to remove it from public access?

Your Honeyfund registry will remain active for one year after your wedding date. We do this because many couples continue to receive gifts even after their wedding and honeymoon. If you'd like to unpublish your registry to remove it from public access, please contact Honeyfund.

We can also exclude your page from search engine crawling, just contact Honeyfund.

Why has my account been disabled?

Your Honeyfund account will be disabled if your e-mail address is invalid or if it was not confirmed within eight weeks of opening the account. Accounts can also be closed on the Edit > Profile tab, or if it has been more than one year since your wedding date. Please contact us to reinstate the account.

How can I close my account?

You can close your account from the Settings tab when editing your Honeyfund.

Receiving Gifts & Payments

How do the credit card options work?

Honeyfund integrates with secure payment processors to enable credit card payment for your guests. Here's how it works:

  • Guests pay quickly and easily.
  • You pay just 2.8% + $0.30 for online gifts* (offline payments are always free!)
  • A few easy steps enable credit card payments.
  • To withdraw, login to your payment processor account and choose electronic transfer. No withdrawal fees!

Setup your Payment Settings now. Honeyfund couples who accept both offline and online payments pay average fees of just 1.8%! Guests never pay a fee.

* Applies to most US-to-US payments. Otherwise, see PayPal's fees. Payments from outside your home country incur PayPal's standard fee plus an additional 1% cross-border fee.

How do I get my gift money?

To retrieve your online gift payments, please login to your PayPal (or WePay) account and click the Withdraw tab. There you will find several options for withdrawing your money. If you forgot it, you can find your login e-mail address from your Honeyfund Payment Settings

If your gifts were pledged via cash or check, you should have received the payments directly from your gift givers (e.g. in the mail to the address you provided in your Honeyfund account, or at the shower, wedding or otherwise in person).

You can see each gift and its payment method on the Gifts Received page.

Why was I charged a transaction fee?

In addition to Honeyfund's free offline payment options, we make it possible to receive online payments for a fee. Here are the complete fee details:

  • Most US-to-US transactions via PayPal qualify for Honeyfund's special rate of 2.8% + $0.30. In this case, the fee will appear in your PayPal account as a payment to Honeyfund. (This is how PayPal lets us share our rate discount.) Otherwise, see PayPal's fees. Payments from outside your home country incur PayPal's standard fee plus an additional 1% cross-border fee.
  • Payments paid to a WePay account incur a fee of 2.8% + $0.30.

Someone gave us a gift but I don't see it in my account. Why?

Some gifts do not show up on your Gifts Received page immediately. There may be up to a two hour delay to allow the giver time to make changes before the gift pledge is revealed to you in your account. Note: This applies to offline payments only. Payments to your PayPal account should show up immediately.

Someone gave a gift from my registry but I haven't received payment. Why?

With Honeyfund, guests select a gift, and then pay according to the options you provided (usually offline via cash or check, or online with a credit card.) Gifts are displayed on the Gifts Received page. The page is in two sections: Unpaid gifts ("pledges") and paid gifts. When you get an offline payment from a gift giver, mark the gift as "received" by clicking in the "Got Payment?" section and entering the date you got the payment. The gift will then move down to the paid gifts section.

Sometimes an online/PayPal gift will appear in the unpaid section. This happens when we don't get the payment confirmation back from PayPal. If this happens, you should check your PayPal account for the payment and then manually update the gift received date.

You can see each gift and its status on the Gifts Received page.

If no payment was made, use our reminder e-mail to notify the guest. It's a tasteful e-mail from Honeyfund with instructions for payment. To send it, click the gift on the Gifts Received page. Then click "send reminder?" and follow the instructions.

I linked the wrong PayPal account. How do I change it?

Contact Us and we will remove your existing PayPal account so you can link a new one.

Note: The PayPal account linked at the time of the gift is where your money is sent.

How do I add or remove payment options for my guests?

Edit your payment settings here (Edit > Account Settings > Payment Settings). If you have more than one payment option enabled, your guests will be able to choose from those options when they select your gift.

Someone purchased a gift from my registry that I don't recognize. How do I contact the gift giver?

E-mail Honeyfund and we will contact the gift giver on your behalf to verify the gift was intended for you.

How do I issue a credit card refund?

If a giver requests a refund for their online payment, you can issue it following these instructions:

  • PayPal: Locate the payment in your PayPal account, then click the Details link. Follow the refund instructions there.
  • WePay: Login to your WePay account, locate the gift payment, and click the Refund link. Follow the instructions there.

Giving a Gift

I purchased a Honeyfund gift but didn't print the certificate. How do I get back to the certificate page?

To get back to the certificate page, just click the link in your gift confirmation e-mail (check your spam folder if you didn't receive the e-mail). If you don't have it, contact Honeyfund and we can provide the link for you.

I purchased a gift from Honeyfund but I don't know if my payment went through. How do I verify my payment?

There are two ways to pay for a Honeyfund gift; 1) Offline, where you print a certifiate and give it to the couple with cash or check, or 2) Online via a third party payment processor. (Note: Honeyfund does not handle online payments, all payments are processed by a third party.)

If you paid online, you should have received an e-mail receipt. Check your e-mail for the receipt and/or your credit card activity for the charge.

If you aren't sure which payment method you chose, check your Honeyfund gift confirmation e-mail. There you will find either a receipt or payment instructions for the payment method you selected. If you don't have the Honeyfund e-mail, please check your spam folder or contact Honeyfund and we will resend it to you.

My credit card is not being accepted. What should I do?

If your card is declined please try your transaction again later. You can revisit the payment page by clicking the link in your Honeyfund Gift Confirmation e-mail. If your credit card still doesn't go through, we suggest you either send a check in the mail directly to the couple or bring cash or check to the wedding with your gift certificate. To change your payment method to cash or check, please click the link in your gift confirmation e-mail, then click the blue Change Payment Method button. Or contact us if you need help.

I gave a gift and now have changed my mind. How do I cancel my gift?

If you have NOT paid for your gift, please click the link in your gift confirmation e-mail from Honeyfund. There you can cancel the gift pledge. If you don't have the e-mail, contact Honeyfund and we can cancel the gift pledge for you.

If you HAVE already paid online or given the couple the funds, we cannot cancel the gift payment. You will need to make arrangements directly with the couple to retrieve your funds.

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